The Jones Safe House, near Kommetjie is a registered non-profit organization that takes on abused, abandoned, and neglected children and abused/addicted mothers.

The founders, Donovan and Bernadette Jones, together with their family, provide a stable, loving home where healing can begin and these at-risk children, and their mothers, can grow and flourish and, if at all possible, be safely re-integrated into their families and society.

Everyone involved in the Safe House, including Bernie and Donovan, do so for absolutely no remuneration.

This place really is a labour of love for everyone concerned. Additional support is provided through a magnificent team of volunteers whom the Safe House can contact when needs arise, including doctors, lawyers, social services and educational support

 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of 8 dedicated volunteers who meet regularly to assist in the overall management of the Safe House and its budget.

  • Bernadette & Donovan Jones, Founder & Trustees of Jones Safe House

  • Sharon Levy, Chairperson & Treasurer

  • Chris Strangway-Dixon, Vice Chairperson

  • Lynne Vincent, Secretary

  • Anna Roberts Antonsson, Vice Secretary

  • Nina Brag Pettersson, Member

  • Terri Marks, Member

  • Veronique Veyrassat, Member

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee consists of professional, enthusiastic individuals who volunteer their time to find new and ingenious ways in which to fund the Safe House operations.

  • Terri Marks

  • Anna Roberts Antonsson

  • Veronique Veyrassat

  • Kayla Van Buisbergen

When the Church sold the Jones Safe House property 7 years ago, Bernie and Donovan, and the children and young women in their care, faced uncertain times.

While the new owner very generously allowed them to stay in the house, they knew that at any time they could be asked to leave. Says Bernie, "It has been incredibly stressful, but we just had to carry on with our work while trying to find some kind of solution."

Even when they had been evicted from the property, Bernie and Donovan did not give up hope, nor their determination to find a way of securing the children's future. They were rewarded in the form of an incredibly generous private donation to secure the house. One hurdle still remained - as an NGO with very little income; it was unlikely that they would receive a bond to cover the outstanding funds needed. "We just kept on fighting for a solution, because it was unthinkable that we would have to close our doors," says Bernie. And, as is so often the case with unshakable faith and resolve, they were once again rewarded when a private donor offered them an interest-free loan to cover the balance of the purchase price needed.

What finally made their dreams come true was a corporate donation from the Swedish company Hildng Anders which allowed the property to be adapted to the needs of the large Jones family.

At the end of 2015 the 25 members of the Jones family could move into a home they could  finally and always call their own.