When doctors examined Anthony after he was placed with the Jones family at just 4 months old, they said he would never walk or talk. His little body was contorted, he screamed constantly, and he suffered from multiple seizures each day – all the result of his mothers’ drug use throughout her pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

With her characteristic determination Bernie set out to prove the experts wrong. Daily physiotherapy straightened and strengthened his broken body. Regular feeding and a healthy dose of kindness soon put a stop to the screaming. In spite of Bernie’s meticulous record-keeping, doctors did not believe Anthony was suffering from seizures, and it was only when he had a seizure while actually at hospital that doctors took action and placed him on medication.

Today you would be hard-pressed to pick Anthony out amongst the other toddlers running around the house, chattering away and getting up to mischief. His traumatic early days appear to have imbued him with a will of steel - he’s a stubborn little guy who is determined to get his way but is treated with exactly the same loving firmness as every other child in Bernie and Donovan’s care. Just another miracle taking place at the Jones Safe House.