A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

The statement that the dog is man's best friend was first recorded as being made by Frederick II, King of Prussia, referring to one of his Italian greyhounds as his best friend. The term was likely popularized by its use in a poem by Ogden Nash.

To put it simply, dogs are awesome. Whether they’re begging for your food, barking at their leash to convince you to take them on a walk, or simply greeting you when you get home, dogs do little things that put smiles on faces around the world. 

There have been lots of studies that have shown how dogs decrease stress levels. Petting your dog, playing with your dog, and simply watching your dog can reduce your stress each day. Research shows that dog ownership reduces stress hormones and the effects usually outweigh the stress caused by caring for a dog.

For children who have experienced very little gentleness in their lives until they joined the Jones family, learning how to treat others gently is an important part of the healing process at the Safe House. 

The four-legged family members that call the Safe House their home (most of them abandoned) are only too happy to participate in this healing.