Revamped Bedrooms

Amazing revamped bedrooms at the Safe House thanks to Corinne Nash and her IMO Saskia Botha Fundraiser work.

The 1st of September 2009, my youngest daughter Saskia passed at the age of 3 years and 5 months. This is the I died ... I did not want to live but safe to say I had to be re-born again and learn to live again and THANKS BE TO GOD, here I am not only functioning again but really living and loving. We CHOOSE TO LIVE, LOVE AND TO PAY IT FORWARD and we wanted to help! 
In 2013 we held our first Fundraising dance in Memory of Saskia in order to raise funds for those less privileged and we chose the Jones Safe House. 
Since 2013 the Fundraising committee of IMO SASKIA BOTHA have managed to raise money to assist with groceries, education a little breakaway holiday and now we have managed to do up 2 of the rooms in the new house as well. We will also put in built-in cupboards. 
The fundraising in Memory of Saskia has also generated loads of generous donations from Lewis Stores, The Manna Bay Boutique Hotel, Flowers for Africa and the AWII not to mention the wonderful people that attend the event in order to give back plus many others. 
This has been an uplifting experience. It has also played a huge part in our grief and healing process, to be able to help these loving warm children and Family